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A Community for Indian Ringneck Parakeet Owners

So Scary!

A Community for Indian Ringneck Parakeet Owners

Indian Ringneck

So Scary!

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When we are home Marley is out of his cage the entire time. He usually hangs out with us, on top of his cage, or on top of the TV (the highest point in our house where he can see anything), then when we leave we put him back in his cage.

Well yesterday I came home from work and I noticed the cage door was open. I KNOW I had put him back in the cage before leaving and no one else had been home all day. Worst of all- he wasn't there anymore! I search ALL over the house, calling his name and looking in all his usually perching spots and he was nowhere to be found. Then, in he strolls... from outside through the doggy door!!!! The doggy door is just a plastic flag on the back door that I never even once considered he could get out of! I was SO relieved because for all I know he'd been back there for hours (I had a 6 hour shift) and he could've flown away, but luckily he didn't and came back in when he heard me calling.

So I put him back in his cage and locked it up to see if he'd figured out how to unlock it. Yup, sure enough, he can open his cage door at will now. *sigh* It's being held in place by a twisty tie and I'm going to pick up something a little more secure today. And there's a lock on the doggy door that I am keeping firmly locked now when the dog isn't out!!! But OMG! IRNs (and most parrots I'm sure!) are FAR too clever for me!!!

So, advice to any new IRN owners- find a secure lock for your cage NOW! Don't wait until they figure out how to get out on their own!

  • OMG! I'm glad he's okay!

    But isn't it just like an IRN to be OUTSIDE and just casually stroll inside when he hears you calling?

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